Guidelines for preventative measures against the new coronavirus(COVID-19)at the Ohara Museum of Art

In accordance with the announcement by the Japan Museum Association, the Ohara Museum of Art has established guidelines for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) in the museum. Please observe the following during you visit to our museum. We appreciate your understanding and kind cooperation in advance.

Access to the museum

  • (1) Only one gate will be open for entering and exiting the premises.
  • (2) The Main gallery and the Craft Art and Asian Art gallery are open to the public. The rest are closed.
  • (3) After entering the premises, please follow the designated route.
  • (4) We may limit the number of visitors at one time in order to avoid a crowd forming up in the exhibition rooms.
    We will control the number of visitors at the entrance gate.
    If there is a line waiting for admission, we will distribute numbered tickets to maintain order.


The following steps have been taken to avoid direct contact between the museum staff and the visitors.

  • (i) Rental audio guide will not be available.
  • (ii) Museum shops inside the museum will be closed.
    However, the main shop on the street next to the museum remains open when the museum is open.
  • (iii) Baggage storage will be closed. We apologize for not having coin cockers in the premises.


In visiting our museum, please cooperate with us and observe the following.

  • (1) At the entrance, allow the staff to take your body temperature with a non-contact thermometer and please cleanse your hands with disinfectant.
    Those who have high body temperature when checked at the entrance may be refused entry. If you are refused entry because of the high body temperature, your paid admission fee will be refunded.
    If you have symptoms such as violent cough in the building, the staff may ask you to leave.
  • (2) Also at the entrance, please fill in the contact information sheet with the names and the telephone numbers of the persons entering the museum with you. This is for tracking purpose only, if and only if a visitor is found to be infected after the visitor had left the museum.
  • (3) If you received a numbered ticket for waiting, put the tickets in a box upon departure
  • (4) Inside the museum, please minimize the size of your group, and refrain from talking as much as possible.
  • (5) Wear a mask at all times.
  • (6) Maintain the social distance between yourself and others in the museum.


November , 2020